Circle of Service

Monarch Engineers has developed the intellectual and operational capacity to truly offer sustainable solutions to our customers. We call it the Sustainable Circle of Service. Our business and engineering experts start with establishing the base line for your business or institution then move to develop a strategic plan to achieve the level of sustainability that you, your board of directors, or governmental mandate require or are comfortable attaining. In this strategic plan, we outline path to achieve your goal and financial requirements and benefits of each step of the way. Once the goal has been set, our team of engineers takes over to make the strategic plan a reality. At each milestone our business and training partners take on the task of education the stakeholders so the sustainable gains are kept and/or improved over time. The difference between us and the rest of the industry is that goal is not to install a particular component (i.e. solar, wind, controls, security systems, etc.). Our goal is to develop a road map and help you follow that road map to sustainability. “The ultimate goal is for your business or institution to use just what is necessary and have the smallest impact on the environment without sacrificing profits or breaking your budget; this is what we call achieving the ultimate balance.”