Energy Solutions


Monarch Engineers is firm specializing in cost-effective energy solutions for our commercial, institutional, governmental, and industrial clients. We provide a broad range of energy and engineering project services to support you throughout or at any stage in your project’s life cycle. Our team of engineers, designers, and technicians can assist you from building tune-up to creating a Zero Net facility.

Energy Efficiency
• Audits
Walk through audits
Energy survey & analysis
Investment grade audits
Targeted (system specific) energy audits

• Building control system design and implementation.

• Lighting system & controls design and implementation

Renewable Energy
• Feasibility studies and consulting
• System design and implementation
Training and Support
• Develop maintenance procedures for long term energy conservation
• Develop and deliver energy conservation training programs for end users and property owners.

• Lower energy consumption which implies lower facility operation cost

• Lower energy consumption has positive impact on facility’ or operations carbon footprint

• Good control sequence optimizes energy consumption as well as positively impacting
• Lighting controls reduce energy waste and can be used to implement demand response program.

“Providing energy solutions for a better planet”