Green Certification

Given that environmental consciousness of consumers is pushing businesses and institutions to become Green, some government agencies are establishing green business certification programs; however, those programs don’t go far enough to truly define a Green operation. Monarch Engineers professionals have the background to assist you in defining a strategy to Green certify your business or institution. We use proven sustainable concepts to determine the Greenness of your operations. Most importantly, our Green certification process includes development and implementation of policies and procedures to ensure that sustainable practices are maintained year after year.

Once a business or institution meet its sustainable goals and conform to minimum standards set by the industry or research institutions, then we provide the certification seal shown to the right. Institutions and government seal reads Green Institution. Our professionals look into the following areas to certify your business or institution:


  • Water & Energy Conservation.
  • Indoor Environment.
  • Carbon Footprint (GHG Emissions) reduction and/or maintenance.
  • Recycling & Waste reduction programs.
  • Pollution prevention.
  • Green procurement.
  • Green policies and procedures.
  • Comprehensive equipment maintenance program.


Monarch Engineers principals are currently involved in several colleges Green Technology programs as faculty. At Solano Community College, Monarch Engineers assisted with securing funding, and development of the college Green Technology program.

Monarch Engineers has a training program geared to business owners, senior management, and government officials to understand the concepts and the importance of running a Green or Sustainable operation. This program provides the basic concepts of sustainability and its components. The program is called Green Business Stewardship Program SM (GBSP).